In order to use agescx you must have installed atleast Python 3.4


NOTE: doesn't work, yeat

$ pip install agescx

or with easy_install

$ easy_install agescx

If you want install manual or develop version, download this repository, unpack it and from command line type

$ python install

if they're no error, installation runned properly


open python and run this code

from agescx import *

if some error pop, you don't have installed agescx or you have old python 2.x version.


Here some examples you are able to do with newly installed module

from agescx import *

scenario = Scenario("PathToScenario.scx")
player1 = scenario.players[1]
for player in scenario.players:

it also print "" for gaia, which is player with index 0

Resize map, 32) # width and height

don't forget to save map, because agescx don't have auto-save

Create new unit for player 1

when creating new unit, you have to know number of type of your unit you want to create. For example, 67=knight ...check Unit types

scenario.players[1], y=0, type=67)