Changing map

Map coords

Get tiles from row

in case, you want to get all tiles in ROW with index 0 (which is first row in scenario), then change terrain type of tiles it contains.

for more terrain types, check enums.terrains

>>> firstRow = scenario.tiles[0]  # get first row
>>> for tile in first row:
        tile.type = 4

Get tile from middle of map

>>> cx, cy =,  # get coordinations
>>> middleTile = scenario.tiles[cx][cy]

Elevating up whole map

elevating all tiles in scenario with tiles.

>>> scenario.tiles.incElevation(increase=2)

increase 2 means increase all tile up 2. Tile with elevation 3 will have 5

Replacing all desert with grass1

>>> scenario.tiles.replaeTerrain(14, 0)

14 = Desert, which terrain type will be replaced

0 = Grass 1, with this terrain type

Clear elevation

>>> scenario.tiles.clearTerrain()
>>> scenario.tiles.clearTerrain(0)  # same as above

all tiles will have terrain type = 0 (in both cases)