Adding new unit

Something about unit ID

Every unit on map has own special ID, with every call of addNew() method, it will create with next unique unit ID. If you want add specific ID to unit, add optional argument with custom ID addNew(id=397).

Check all class.Unit(blank) attributes and methods

Adding unit to specific player

Creating unit for Player 1


Creating unit for Gaia Player

scenario.players[0] # Player 0 = Gaia Player

Unit at positions

scenario.players[1], y=5)

For more information about coordinations in scenario, check class.Tiles

Adding Knight or other real unit

Adding specific unit, you have to know unit type ID. For example, in this case, Knight has id type=38.

For list of all unit types, check enums.Units

scenario.plyers[1], y=5, type=38)